Dallas Baldwin - Software Dev

Email: dbaldw10@kent.edu


All of these repositories were built either in class, or after hours til the early morning after class each day. I spent quiet a few hours on the side scroller, and am proud to have introduced new concepts of level making.

Alpha 3 Console Reviews

An interactive website where you can leave reviews, or hashtags. Searchable by manufacturer or by common hashtag. Leave us a hashtag!

Sailing The Seas

A 2D NFT influenced Side Scroller, that show cases collision detection and a full GUI for a nice java mini-game inspired by mario.


The beginnings of building a DAO for a crypto group known as "SailingTheSeas". (COMING SOON)

About Me

I started fixing computers and software for teachers and classmates as a kid. When I grew up not a whole lot changed. Except, I began fixing bigger computers and eventually MRI machines. I've built databases, organized inventory for companies, and maintained websites that i've built for them. After being a Broker for Morris Loan and eventually leaving to take a direct interest in computer programming, I am posting my achievements in hopes to join a company with purpose, and to extend my tireless attitude toward a goal with a team like mindset.

I have a very big interest in cryptocurrencies particularly in blockchain development. It seems that the world is trying to find the perfect balance of a perfectly written code to maintain the worlds financial structure, and a completely decentralized system, and its facisnating to say the least. Like if the perfect code was written, no one would have to touch it, and it could go on forever, and in effect be perpetually benefitting mankind.


  • Oracle OCAJCP - April 1st 2022 (coming soon)
  • Linkedin Java Assessment
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